BID Delhi 2023: Munazzah Bilal and Jyoti Kumar at MCD School, Dayanand Colony

October 7, 2023by Rimsha0

It was a delight to see how well the MCD School at Dayanand Colony had prepared for the storytelling session held on 4th October. The session took place with students from grade 3, amassing a total of around 65 students. The young audience were very responsive to the storyteller duo, Munazzah Bilal and Jyoti Kumar, who let the magic of their energy cast a spell on the children. Much to the amazement of not just students, but teachers too, the beautifully illustrated fables left little moral takeaways for the audience, articulated in comical voices and amusing actions.

The students expressed their heart-felt joy to the speakers with a hand-made card, that added so much delight to the storytellers’ experience.