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Bookaroo Srinagar 2023

Dear friend, What could be more fun than spending a weekend with books, authors, illustrators and storytellers and in a city like Srinagar? You are in for a treat. Spread over the second weekend of June is a feast of plenty. Twenty seven speakers from 10 cities across India will...

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Jun 10, 2023 - Jun 11, 2023
Bookaroo Delhi 2022

Dear friend, Just a few weeks ago, we received a very interesting mail that set us thinking. I visited Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival in 2014. It was part of an educational tour from my school in Madhya Pradesh. Getting the freedom to witness the world of creative expressions in the...

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Nov 26, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022
Bookaroo Vadodara 2022

Dear friend, Who would have thought - in November 2019, when one departed from Vadodara after a heady first edition of Bookaroo in that city - that it would be three, long years, before one would be able to again set foot in the sylvan settings of Alembic City’s Art...

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Nov 19, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022
Bookaroo Delhi 2021

Dear Bookaroons, We are back! This 13th edition of Bookaroo took longer than we had expected when we signed off in 2019. Much has changed in the world since then. As each one of us slowly emerges from an unprecedented situation that left hardly anybody unscathed in its wake, we...

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Nov 27, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021
Bookaroo Bhopal 2019

The city of lakes - one of the country’s greenest - will soon play host to Bookaroo, India's first children's literature festival. For two days in December, the amazing Bharat Bhavan will become the home of Bookaroo in Bhopal. Brought to you in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Government of Madhya Pradesh,...

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Dec 7, 2019 - Dec 8, 2019
Bookaroo Delhi 2019

A round dozen! If we were given to pinching ourselves, we would have been black and blue all over, as we pleasurably contemplate the occasion of Bookaroo's 12th edition in New Delhi. Well, here we are ready to present the 38th overall edition of Bookaroo from the time we began in...

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Nov 30, 2019 - Dec 1, 2019
Bookaroo Vadodara 2019

Dear friend, Very often, chance conversations can lead up to meaningful ones that, in turn, lead to new connections and, in the end, a new project – sometimes all very suddenly. Bookaroo’s first edition in Vadodara was born out of two conversations - first with IGNCA (Indira Gandhi National Centre...

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Nov 9, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019
Bookaroo Varanasi 2019

Varanasi, Benaras or Banaras, Kashi. The three names mean one city but Varanasi is more than just its three names. It is one of the oldest living cities in the world. The land has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for many. For Bookaroo too, it is a pilgrimage of sorts...

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Oct 12, 2019 - Oct 13, 2019
Bookaroo Gangtok 2019

Back in 2009, when a group of students came to Bookaroo Delhi all the way from Gangtok’s Taktse International School - led by their indomitable principal, Maria Lauenstein - nobody could have foreseen that these visits would become an annual ritual. As it turned out, a November visit by a...

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Jun 28, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019
Bookaroo Jaipur 2019

It is always nice to be back every year in the Pink City. Bookaroo’s annual excursion to one of India’s most beautiful cities became possible thanks to the Jawahar Kala Kendra’s staunch support. In short, it is Bookaroo time once again in Jaipur. Twenty-seven authors, illustrators, storytellers and performers from...

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Jan 12, 2019 - Jan 13, 2019
Bookaroo in Delhi 10th Edition

What a decade it has been! Way back in November 2008 when Bookaroo first took flight, we would have probably smiled disbelievingly if someone had told us that the festival would journey through 12 cities and complete 31 editions. Well, here we are. All set to unveil Alpenliebe-Bookaroo – the...

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Dec 23, 2018 - Jul 10, 2019