Book a Speaker

Bringing an external speaker to your school can be a great way to bring reading to life and get children excited about reading and writing. In “Book a Speaker”, a school invites an author or illustrator or storyteller to come and interact with children, be it in the form of storytelling or workshops or talks.

Would you like an author, illustrator, poet or storyteller to visit your school? Please reach out to Suhail Hasan or text us at 8826910021 with the following details:

  • Tentative Dates of the Event
  • Age Group of Children in Audience
  • Type of Event (Storytelling/Workshop/Talk)
  • Number of Children in Audience

Some of our past speaker events in schools:

Mamta Nainy, Learner’s International School, Greater Noida
Learner’s International School, Greater Noida hosted author Mamta Nainy for a storytelling session on Aug 22nd, 2023. She read aloud passages from her book series, The Magic Makers, that recount biographical narratives of famous personalities of India namely, Usha Uthup, Rabindranath Tagore and Annapurna Devi.