BIC Delhi November 23, 2015: Ranjit Lal at the British School

August 28, 2023by Eureka Kids Club0

Bookaroo in the City and author Ranjit Lal made a visit to the British School on Monday. Our audience was a class full of aspiring writers between the ages of 10 to 12 years.

Mr Lal introduced the students to nutcase Nana, welcoming a lot of stories from the children about their grandparents and what they like the best about them. After exchanging stories and reading an extract of the book (Our Nana was a Nutcase), the session progressed into a press conference. The audience had a lot of questions for the author like how he caught the writing bug, how is it being a writer in India, which are his favourite books, authors, genre, and a lot more, and Mr Lal indulged his audience with a lot of amusing anecdotes about writing, reading, bird-watching and more. The session ended, although the questions had not, with the promise that they will start writing more and the audience very reluctantly bid their goodbyes.

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