BIC Delhi February 13, 2016 : Kshitish Padhy at NGO Swabalamban

August 24, 2023by Eureka Kids Club0

Author and comic book scriptwriter Kshitish Padhy was given a warm welcome when he visited NGO Swabalamban. The author made the children learn new things with his unique sense of humor, activities and acting. He started the session with a small Balloon game, where one child had to act like pumping air in the balloon and his partner acted like a balloon getting inflated. It’s an exercise that keeps your lungs strong and healthy. The children participated in the game enthusiastically.

Then he played a game called POP-POP, with kids, where one had to jump like frogs saying pop, the game stretched for quite some time as children were enjoying it to fullest. After that he introduced them with the concept of theater acting and all the kids gladly showed him their acting skills. Some acted like birds, some animals and some their real life idols.

Our author boosted their confidence, and made them believe that one can find happiness and success in small things. He made them realize how education is important for their career. The children promised to work hard in studies and requested the author to visit again.

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