BIC Delhi 2023: Shikha Garg and Dr. Dhruv Bibra at MCD School, Sunlight Colony

September 28, 2023by Jasmine Malick0

“Mehnat aur Kismat Ki Kahani Shikha aur Dhruv ki Jubani”

The kids at MCD School, Sunlight Colony were in for a treat as the storytellers for the day, Shikha Garg and Dr. Dhruv Bibra took the stage. The session started on a inspirational note as Dr. Dhruv quoted: “Laharon se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti, koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti.” The stories the duo picked had a special theme: perseverance in life and how it affects the dichotomy between hard work and luck. They did not just performed the story as is, they put life into it by playacting, singing, moving their heads and arms, dancing. The students were thrilled to witness this world of stories and joined the duo in keeping the vivacity of the session. The children bid farewell to the storytellers though reluctantly and were left with a question to ponder about: which is more essential: luck or hard work?

Jasmine Malick