BIC Delhi 2023: Swetcha Pershad at Aarohan, Malviya Nagar

October 9, 2023by Jasmine Malick0

“Unpack emotions with Swetcha.”

Storyteller Swetcha arrived at Arohan to connect with the kids, who were excited to hear stories.

The session started with an activity where she presented situations and the children shared what they felt about them with facial expressions. She jumped to her stories right after this, with the first story dealing with the idea of anger. Throughout the story, the children listened to downsides of being angry and were encouraged to express themselves in words and emotions. The second story brought a big grin on their faces as Swetcha brought up zesty lines like “hansana ek kala hai, nahin ye koyi bala hai.”

The children not just learnt new words and concepts, but also learnt the importance of empathy. To wrap the session, Swetcha broke into a vocalisation of different types of smile sounds like monster smiles, shy smiles, and fake smiles. The session gave every kid a chance to become a smile guru and opened a space for new experiences to feel joy.

Jasmine Malick