BIC Delhi 2023: Shivani Kanodia at Nizamuddin Basti Park

October 4, 2023by Rimsha0

The Basti Park at Nizamuddin celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in a unique way, through a storytelling session that was absorbed by 25+ students of ages 2 to 10. Much is told when places and festivals become a component of a fantastic fable. Storyteller Shivani or as she prefers ‘Shararti Shivani’ took the audience through the Lohri celebrations in Punjab wherein the animals in the story partake in a complex situation. The session soon became a series of dialogues exchanged as the kids came up with their curious questions one after the other. A passerby witnessed this harmony and enquired what was happening. On knowing a children’s literature festival was happening at Sunder Nursery, he quickly noted down the dates for his niece. Shivani initiated a brief role-playing activity where some children channelled their theatrical skills. The session ended with a promise to keep the spirit of reading and stories alive.