BIC Delhi 2023: Shikha Garg at Deepalaya, Holding Hands

October 3, 2023by Malvika0

The atmosphere at Holding Hands, Deepalaya lit up with stories as Shikha Garg visited the centre for a storytelling session. Her story was set up in Japan and was about someone who only loved drawing cats. This caught the attention of the children in the audience as many of them loved playing with cats too! Shikha’s story weaved a thread of magic with words when she highlighted the special value cats hold in Japan. The session progressed into doodle-making, where the kids showed enthusiasm and drew all sorts of cats: tall cat, small cat, fat cat, lean cat. By drawing in their imaginative way, they understood the value of doing things that bring joy and happiness. The children immersed themselves in the world of stories through drawing, singing, playing, listening and that made the session a rocking success!