BIC Delhi 2023: Anju Kumari and Kajal Jaiswal at Mehrauli Community Library

October 4, 2023by Malvika0

The first storyteller Anju Kumari came up with the story of a goat, Chandni, and Abu Khan which she performed through animal-form puppets. This helped the kids get a visual understanding. The story was realistic for the goat did not win the fight with the wolf, however the fact that it fought till its last breath spread the message of perseverance and determination. Then came storyteller Kajal Jaiswal who came up with a story to explain gravity in an interactive way. She explained what gravity is and how it affects us, our planet and our moon. She divided the children in the audience in 4 groups and urged them to create stories on “if things go up instead of going down,” i.e what happens if one defies gravity. And the stories they came up with were innovative and thoughtful. The storytelling session was a mix of fun and learning and was received with much enthusiasm.