Lottie Brooks’s Totally Disastrous School Trip (Book 4)

Oct 12 2023 | by Ira Sen

Lottie Brooks’s Totally Disastrous School Trip (Book 4) by Ira Sen, 11 years old.
I just recently read this books and I loved it! It is about a teenager named Lottie Brooks who has to face the usual struggles of a teenager and the way she overcomes these problems. Now you might be thinking that this book will probably be rambles and serious but it is devastatingly hilarious! I love how Katie Kirby writes in such a airy, non-serious way. But this book is not just humorous. It teaches you the value of friendship, standing up for yourself, and that becoming a teenager is hard and when you do become one, you want to turn back but being rude and moody will not get you anywhere except perhaps grounded but who wants that? So in conclusion but wait! There’s something I forgot to tell you! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about the main plot! So Lottie’s class (and her) are going to camp Firefly on a school trip. A whole five days! But soon the trip turns out to be — you guessed it — a total disaster! There is another school staying there and the girls are very mean especially Pheobe Higglesworth (a total nightmare). But the reason that Lottie’s trip becomes a nightmare is not Pheobe. It is the fact that Lottie’s best friend is hanging out with a new girl Isha and she is feeling a bit left out. And to cap it all off, Lottie is not sure how she is feeling about her crush Daniel! Anyway, I am giving you too much info, so this time (for real) in conclusion Lottie Brooks with her bubble tea obsessed, dark horse kind of nature is a really, really, really enjoyable read!

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